Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Moon Doggie Peruvian Villa Rica

Moon Doggie Coffee Roasters is located in downtown Maywood, NJ. It's a cute little coffee shop with an excellent assortment of beverages and beans. They promote not only fresh brewed coffee, but fresh roasted coffee. In fact they roast their beans on site. It's really a treat to go in when they are roasting, the aroma is scintillating!

 Peruvian Villa Rica Estate Organic Bag

Their coffee comes in funky looking blue foil pouches. I also like the moon/dog logo that they use as their trademark.
 Peruvian Villa Rica Estate Organic Beans

The Peruvian Villa Rica Estate is a very pleasant coffee. There's nothing even remotely sharp or bitter about it. In fact I would describe the flavor as even a bit on the sweet side, particularly for a non-flavored coffee. Typically I use just about the tip of a teaspoon's worth of sugar in each of my cups, but after experimenting with the PVRE for a few days I've been using less and less sugar. I should probably even give it a go with no sugar! I highly recommend this coffee if you're a fan of very smooth non-bitter coffee. It's great, but for me I like to have just a little edge on my coffee. 

Bottom Line Rating: 4 out of 5

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Fairway Supreme Blend

I've been drinking Fairway Supreme Blend for about a week now. So far it has been a real pleasure to drink. Most notable is the aroma of the fresh beans even before they are ground. Out of the bag, they have almost a chocolatey scent to them. The beans themselves are also a lighter roast than the previously reviewed Fairway to Heaven Blend. Take a look are the darkness of the FtHB beans compared to the FSB beans.

 Fairway Supreme Blend

Overall the taste is fantastic. Only the tiniest amount of sugar is necessary to balance out the flavor. A splash+ of half-and-half completes this wonderful cup of coffee. (Like my measuring technique?) At only slightly more per pound, $7.99, compared to FtHB's $6.99, it's well worth the extra dollar a pound. Don't mistake this, you can't go wrong with either coffee, but there's a smooth and completeness to the Fairway Supreme Blend that makes it really stand out. 

Bottom Line Rating: 4.5 out of 5

On an unrelated note to the taste of the coffee. Remember how I was raving about Fairway Market and how they placed the label on the bottom of the bag? Well not this time. Oh well, it's still a great cup of coffee!