Monday, July 1, 2013

Trader Joe's Colombia Peaberry

In my latest Trader Joe's trip I purchased three containers of TJ Peaberry coffee. Colombia, the previously reviewed Ethiopian, and a soon-to-be reviewed Tanzanian. All three peaberry coffees are labeled 'Limited Edition.' In Trader Joe's terms, this is true. You'll go there one day and it'll be gone, forever. The Ethiopian Peaberry was so good that these two have a LOT to live up to. Here it goes for the Colombia Peaberry.

TJ Colombia Peaberry has one little strike in that it is a medium and not a medium dark roast. The beans are the normal small sized pea-berries. Technically the beans are not small, but just a single fertilized seed. Regular-sized coffee beans are actually two fertilized seeds that have been flattened together.

The container describes it as having 'bright floral notes.' I'm not sure I taste flowers, but it is a good full coffee flavor. Not the same party-on-your-palate as the Ethiopian Peaberry, but a very good coffee. The beans themselves have a good full aroma and grind quite easily.

This is a limited edition that I won't miss. Don't get me wrong. It's a great full flavored medium roast coffee, but there are a lot of those out there. There's nothing spectacular in this coffee that is making me want to come back for more. I would recommend it to others if you appreciate a medium coffee with a full amount of flavor that approaches the medium dark roast level.

Bottom Line Rating:4/5