Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Coffee District Colombian Something

I've had some spring travels on several ends of the east coast. Inside of a week I was in Miami then walked to Maine. No, really I was in New Hampshire and walked across a bridge into Maine. I'm pretty sure that was the my first visit to a state via walking. My trips were business, but I made to sure design some pleasure into them.

First up was my Miami visit. I was only in Miami briefly, spending most of the time in Boca Raton. After searching out coffee places in and around Boca I settled on Coffee District in Delray Beach. It seemed like an intriguing place. Somewhat coffee bar, cafe, and craft beer bar. Combining coffee and beer? A+!!! I didn't have any of their beer offerings, but tried a cup and bought a bag. When I asked what kind of beans they were I got "Uhh.... It's Colombian Something." The cup I had was good, so I'm down for some Colombian Something!

Here's the outside of the place. There's a small parking lot in the back. Coffee District is located in the Pineapple Grove Arts District, that may help some. Google Maps brought me right to their front door using their address, so you shouldn't have any problem.

The coffee was decent at the location and despite the lackluster description of "Columbian Something" The gentleman at the counter described it as a medium roast. Looking at it and the taste puts it much closer to a dark roast. The bag was white paper, no writing whatsoever, which is why there's no picture.

The coffee was had a pleasantly strong flavor. Definitely a coffee aftertaste, not overwhelming. A good cup if you enjoy that hearty coffee taste. If you're in the Delray Beach area it's worth a trip every so often. Maybe even to check out some of their beer!

Bottom Line Rating: 3.5/5

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Trader Joe's Kenya AA

I'm a few reviews behind, but will be getting several up within the next few weeks. I am probably behind because the three that are in holding are FANTASTIC! This one is no exception.

Trader Joe's Kenya AA is a wonderful coffee. It's labeled a medium roast, but the look and flavor is much closer to a dark roast. I've been leaning toward the darker roasts recently, so I'm glad this is more on the dark side than medium. There's a visible oiliness to the beans, common with the darker roasts. The aroma is enticing you to brew a cup, or several.

The beans seemed flexible with the water/bean ratio, but adding a touch more of the beans really darkens up the flavor. It is a very strong COFFEE flavor, but in a way that is truly impressive. I haven't tried, but I would guess this would make a fantastic iced coffee. As the summer months are approaching I should try!

Probably the best indicator of how much I liked this coffee is the fact that I just bought another package. I've had a few others in between when I first got this and as of this writing, but within a month or so to return to the same coffee is a very high recommendation. Especially since I love trying new coffee. If you've got a Trader Joe's near you, you MUST try this coffee!

Bottom Line Rating: 4.5/5