Monday, September 2, 2013

Trader Joe's Honduran Organic Fair Trade

Sorry for the long delay in reviews. Don't worry I have been drinking and enjoying coffee! Trader Joe's seems to be phasing out most of their peaberry coffees, at least the TJ by me. If you really enjoy the peaberry get them while you still can! Up today is Trader Joe's Honduran Organic Fair Trade.

I've jumped back to the Medium Dark Roast coffees. The TJ Honduran Organic has a full rich flavor. A good all around coffee flavor. Nothing too intense and not too mellow. I was expecting a little bit more bite for a medium dark roast. I would describe this closer to a medium roast with a tiny bit more flair.

The can describes it as 'smooth and well balanced.' This is probably a good way to describe it. It is a coffee that I would buy again, but only as a filler if nothing new or more exciting was in stock. It's worth the money and worth a taste.

Bottom Line Rating:4/5

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