Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Trader Joe's Kenya AA

I'm a few reviews behind, but will be getting several up within the next few weeks. I am probably behind because the three that are in holding are FANTASTIC! This one is no exception.

Trader Joe's Kenya AA is a wonderful coffee. It's labeled a medium roast, but the look and flavor is much closer to a dark roast. I've been leaning toward the darker roasts recently, so I'm glad this is more on the dark side than medium. There's a visible oiliness to the beans, common with the darker roasts. The aroma is enticing you to brew a cup, or several.

The beans seemed flexible with the water/bean ratio, but adding a touch more of the beans really darkens up the flavor. It is a very strong COFFEE flavor, but in a way that is truly impressive. I haven't tried, but I would guess this would make a fantastic iced coffee. As the summer months are approaching I should try!

Probably the best indicator of how much I liked this coffee is the fact that I just bought another package. I've had a few others in between when I first got this and as of this writing, but within a month or so to return to the same coffee is a very high recommendation. Especially since I love trying new coffee. If you've got a Trader Joe's near you, you MUST try this coffee!

Bottom Line Rating: 4.5/5


  1. We tried the Kenya AA. Very good coffee.

    1. Try www.redhillscoffee.com
      They also support families of fallen heroes

  2. I agree, this is my go-to choice for iced or hot when I'm not looking for a boutique expensive brand to try out.

    It sells for around $7.99 for 13oz at the store so thats about $9.50/lb. I have had coffees that cost twice as much that I did not think were a good.