Thursday, June 13, 2013

Trader Joe's Organic Bolivian Blend

After my last Trader Joe's review, TJ Joe, I was both excited and nervous about trying another TJ coffee. Excited because there had to be something to redeem from the disaster TJ Joe was and nervous, because I may strike out again! Thank goodness I didn't!

I'm generally not too picky about Fair Trade coffee, but if I have the opportunity to try some and it helps benefit the farmers, great! The same pretty much goes for organic. We do consume a fair amount of organic food in our household, mainly because of my wife's interest in it; I'm much less picky. This Trader Joe's Bolivian Blend is both Fair Trade and Organic!

They classify it as a Medium Dark Roast, but I would consider it closer to the Medium Roast than say their Costa Rican Tarrazu. As sometimes happens, it took two or three days to get a good balance between the water/bean ratio. I'm not sure I tasted the caramel claimed on the packaged, to me it just showed itself as a more medium roast coffee with a slightly mild flavor.

I almost didn't get photos of these beans, because I kept forgetting to take out the camera and get some shots. In fact these are the only remaining beans! Took the shots just in time!

The TJ Organic Bolivian Blend makes a good cup of coffee. I don't think I would repeat buying it, not because it was bad, but I enjoy trying new coffee. For someone who enjoys a Medium to a Medium Dark Roast coffee this is probably a perfect fit! For me, it's just a good coffee along the journey!

Bottom Line Rating: 3/5

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