Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Trader Joe's Italian Roast

I'm generally not a fan of dark roast coffee, it brings to mind the nasty stuff they serve at Starbucks. So venturing to a dark roast bean takes some determination on my part. I'm continuing with the Trader Joe's beans, as it's the only good place here in Gainesville, FL to get halfway decent beans. Despite my reservations, this is an absolutely delicious cup of coffee! It is a solid dark roast, as evidence by the DARK beans.

I get nervous about making a strong cup of dark beans, but even with a good solid helping this is still a great cup of coffee. There is a complexity and gentle bitterness (if those two words can go together) that makes each sip a cornucopia of flavors. The packaging is typical for TJ and the price was reasonable.

For anyone who is a lover of dark roast coffee this is an absolute must try. Despite my glowing recommendation, I'm still solid with a 4 out of 5. This is probably only because I'm not a big fan of the dark roasts.

Bottom Line Rating:4/5

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