Monday, November 4, 2013

Trader Joe's Maragogype

Previously I reviewed the Trader Joe's Italian Roast. Going from that to the medium roast Maragogype I thought there was going to be a big drop in the flavor profile. I was mistaken! The TJ Maragogype has a great flavor, more mild than the Italian Roast, but that was expected. It is a good tasting coffee that is enjoyable through every sip.

What is notable about the beans are their large size. This is a characteristic of the Maragogype bean. It grinds easily and brews consistently with other medium roast coffees. There's no strong acidic after taste, but still flavorful.

My 3.5 rating shouldn't deter you from trying it. Just because I wasn't as stellar about this compared to some others, it's still a solid medium roast with minimal acidity and very little bitterness. I would classify it as a friendly coffee, not overly offensive to the dark or mild preferences of coffee drinkers.

Bottom Line Rating:3.5/5

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