Monday, December 23, 2013

Barnie's Global Blend

I have previously mentioned Barnie's Global Blend in my Catch-Up Post. Here's what I had to say about it then:

Barnie's Global Blend
If I remember this correctly this is a little more pricey than the Barnie's Blend with maybe a little more complex flavor.
Now that it's time to revisit it, I should also give it a little better review. I would agree with myself and say it does have a complex flavor. What seems interesting is varying the amount of grinds rather significantly changes the flavor of the coffee, more so than others. Just a tad more grinds or tad less water results in a much stronger brew. Changing the other way mellows out the brew and becomes too watered down. As a result, you may need to play with the ratios before getting a good cup.

It's a good looking and tasting coffee. It has a middle-of-the-road coffee flavor. If you looked up coffee in a dictionary this coffee would be front-and-center. That probably also accurately describes the taste. Nothing spectacular, but nothing offensive. There's nothing all that incredibly special about Barnie's Global Blend, but much in the same way, there is nothing bad about it. I'm glad that I revisited Barnie's Global Blend and would probably give it another go.

Note: I tried to peel off the price so you could read the label, not to hide the cost. If I recall $10.99 or close to that.

This may seem like a low rating for a coffee I've had twice and would go back again, but it has good flavor and an enjoyable experience. That's why I gave it the +. Give it a go yourself! 

Bottom Line Rating:3.5+/5

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