Monday, December 30, 2013

Michael's Tiramisu Italian Dessert

This coffee was a gift from a friend. It is from Michael's in Fort Lauderdale, FL. While I have not been to their store their website seems to have a rather impressive list of coffee at very reasonable prices! Odd that their website does not mention a retail location, but Google Maps brings up two.

Michael's Tiramisu Italian Dessert is a moderately sweet tasting coffee. It definitely brings to mind a tiramisu flavor and not in an overwhelming way. I'm usually hesitant to purchase flavored coffee, but will give one a go, unless it's hazelnut. Sorry hazelnut fans! The bag I received was already ground which is why the photo does not show beans.

This coffee would be good for those that like a sweet taste to finish a meal or to start their day. What is somewhat disappointing about Michael's Tiramisu Italian Dessert is the slight sweetness gives way to a overly-mild coffee flavor. It seems to achieve the sweet tiramisu flavor, some of the flavorful bitterness of the coffee was taken away.

At times I do like flavored coffee, most often at night. But having caffeine late in the evening keeps me up way too late, so it's a very rare indulgence. This spring I'm heading down to South Florida for a conference. I plan to check out some of the other offerings that Michael's has.

Bottom Line Rating:2.5+/5

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  1. I was pleasantly surprised to see this post about Michael's coffee.
    So, have you tried any other flavors?
    I have and there are new flavors out, unfortunately not on the website yet as a new will be coming out soon.