Monday, March 10, 2014

Fairway Tanzania Peaberry

I have tried two other peaberry coffee's: Trader Joe's Ethiopia Peaberry and Trader Joe's Columbia Peaberry. I rated both quite high, with the Ethiopian peaberry taking a slight edge. When I was recently in Fairway and saw they had a peaberry I jumped at the chance to try some!

As expected, itsy bitsy peaberry beans. They appear to be a medium dark roast with a good aroma out of the bag. Speaking of the bag, it's uneventful. No fancy prepackaged items like Trader Joe's.

The coffee itself is very good, but not much beyond that. It's up there with the other two peaberry coffee's mentioned above, but the  Trader Joe's Ethiopia Peaberry probably takes the edge. It's a good well rounded coffee with a nice start, taste, and finish. It's worth exploring, but nothing exemplary that you should make a special trip just for this coffee. But being that Fairway Market has a HUGE selection of coffee that alone is worth a special trip!

Bottom Line Rating:4/5

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