Monday, November 11, 2013

Trader Joe's Organic Ethiopian

I generally gravitate toward medium dark roast coffee, so Trader Joe's Organic Ethiopian was an easy decision to purchase. Being organic and fair trade is a nice bonus in my book. The coffee itself is tasty, but not overly memorable. The beans have a nice color and aroma to them, but the coffee itself didn't tickle my taste buds as much as I was hoping for.

There isn't anything wrong with this coffee, it just didn't have any standout properties. Rather mild acidity, for a medium roast, decent aftertaste, but the aroma of the beans made me think it should have been a better coffee than it produced. I played with the water/bean ratio a bit to see if I could improve it, not much luck. If you're looking for a simple, easily drinkable coffee, with good flavor and minimal aftertaste, then this is for you.

Bottom Line Rating:3/5

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