Monday, November 18, 2013

Trader Joe's Smooth and Mellow Blend

WOW! There's no other way to begin this review than with that word. My wife bought this coffee, a non-coffee drinker buying coffee can be dangerous. I was nervous to try it. House blends (particularly large chains) can be hit or miss, more often miss. But, WOW! Sure this is smooth and mellow, but every sip is a delicious complexity of coffee aroma, flavor, and aftertaste.

The packaging describes it as having "full yet subtle flavors." This is quite an accurate description. I generally don't like to repeat coffee, just because I like to try new ones, but this is one that I am very likely to repeat. If you're looking for something complex, this will disappoint, but if you want a flavorful coffee to drink multiple cups and always enjoy each sip, then this is what you want!

Bottom Line Rating:4.5/5

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